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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


After listening to the panelists discuss issues in higher education and reading the thoughts and facts presented by your peers, how do you feel about the issues? Please share your thoughts and theories under the posts that follow.


There are several options for how to fund higher education. Some argue for government funding to bear the burden completely. Some push for individuals to pay out of pockets for their own education. What are your views on how higher education should be funded?

Online Instruction

Do you believe that the development if online degrees is a viable option to increase educational opportunities for California's undereducated and underserved population, and if so, how do we insure the quality is comparable to classroom instruction?


Tenure provides instructors with academic freedom and the ability to focus on teaching instead of worrying about job security. It also makes it difficult to remove instructors who perform poorly. What is your stance on tenure?


Should state funded financial aid and access to California's public universities and colleges be available to undocumented immigrants?